Becoming an Instructor

Grow by learning how to facilitate others

If you are somebody who has studied with us, there is an opportunity for you to begin teaching. If you haven’t studied with us then the first thing to do is come participate in at least three consciousness workshops or get a degree in the Art.

Become a trainer in “the Art” of Effortless Power


  • Teaching forces you to learn and grow as you help others

  • Increase your skill and awareness of your body

  • Make progress toward physical and mental mastery

Minimum requirements:

  • Get a degree in the Art of Effortless Power

What is a trainer?

A trainer in the Art of Effortless Power is somebody who is passionate about training and learning. They do not have to be a master, just somebody who wants to share what they know with others. A trainer will sign a written agreement to only share what they know and not to mix Cheng Hsin with other disciplines while they are teaching.

A trainer is NOT the same as a teacher or facilitator. The main difference is a teacher has gone through huge amounts of training and is held to a high standard. (See “Become a Cheng Hsin Teacher or Facilitator” below)

How do I become a trainer?

Make sure you have fulfilled the minimum requirements and email Peter Ralston and tell him you want to become a trainer.

Become an Increasing Consciousness Group Leader


  • Build a powerful presence, capacity, and clarity

  • Increase your own consciousness

  • Be challenged in new ways that will force you to grow

  • Learn and grow as you help others make breakthroughs

Minimum requirements:

  • Participate in the Experiencing the Nature of Being consciousness workshop at the center.

  • Participate in at least 2 other consciousness workshops at the center

  • Read and sign a written agreement

For more information:

Scroll down to “Increasing Consciousness Group.”

How do I become and Increasing Consciousness Group Leader?

Make sure you have fulfilled the minimum requirements and email Peter Ralston and tell him you want to become an ICG Leader.

Become a serious Cheng Hsin Teacher or Facilitator. 

(This would require a huge commitment on your part!)

First action to take: Contact us and communicate your intent.


  • Transform your experience of self and life

  • You will be confronted and challenged

  • Increase personal power, clarity, integrity, honesty, consciousness, skill, and more


  • Serious Student

  • Former Apprentice had degrees.

What is a teacher?

What is a facilitator?

How do I become a Teacher or Facilitator?

Make sure you fulfill the minimum requirements and contact Peter Ralston and tell him you want to become a Teacher or Facilitator.

Increasing Consciousness Group


Join in an increasing consciousness group or start your own

Join in a local community

If you’re like most people you find that although you may make breakthroughs and progress in your personal investigations and contemplations, when in your daily life the insights tend to recede or disappear. How could you bring this work into your life more thoroughly, more deeply, and continue the work in life and not just on your own? How can you better actualize this consciousness in your self and your life?

Increasing Consciousness Groups

The Increasing Consciousness Group is an opportunity to help you do just that! It is designed to serve you while you serve others. You will get a great deal out of working with others. Not only does it provide an active involvement with the consciousness work and demand an increasing depth of understanding on your part, you will also run into questions and challenges that your mind would not come up with but others will. This gives you an opportunity to understand the subject matter better and with an ever expanding perspective. It also helps reveal areas of your own assumptions and ignorance, allowing you to awaken to and drop these limitations.


Four Cornerstone Principles

Become Self-Expanding

Become Whole and Complete

Create Effectiveness

Increase Communication and Clarity


In the group you’re supported to actualize the work in your life through assignments and instruction. There is no tuition for this program, instead, your contribution is to share the work with others by helping them to become more conscious and actualized as human beings themselves. In this way, not only do you grow but the consciousness work is spread to others as well. This very act will empower you in ways hard to imagine.

This program affords an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about yourself, and empowers you to engage in more grounded self-transformation. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of let us know and we can provide more information or answer any questions. If you haven’t already, begin reading The Book of Not Knowing.

How do I start my own group?

If there are no groups in your city, you can create your own group by coming to the Center and participating in several weeks of Consciousness Workshops. Once you’re exposed to the work and have some experience of facilitation, you can join the Actualizing Consciousness Team around the world and start your own group. You’ll be given instructions and manuals and be supported every step of the way. If you have done several consciousness workshops with us and want to start your own group then click below.