Transcending Self

Inquiry and confrontation with the nature of thinking and feeling, of experience and perception, and of being a "self".

Effortlessly Effective Body-Being

This is for anyone who wants to improve their relationship with their body and develop a more effortless and effective level of physical skill in whatever they do.

Transforming Experience of Relationship

The focus here is on clarifying and transforming our experience of "partner" relationships.

The Principles of Effective Interaction

The Principles of Effective Interaction (PEI) is an investigation into the "facts" of psycho-physical interaction.

The Power of Contemplation

To become conscious of something that you were not conscious of before is to expand your experience of being alive.

Tai Chi Body-Mind

An open investigation of body-mind principles will create useful new distinctions in your experience -- physical, mental, and energetic.

Increasing Consciousness

Increasing consciousness is becoming more aware of yourself and your life than you currently are.