find a trainer in the Art of effortless power


The Cheng Hsin Trainers provide a valuable contribution to the study of the Arts of Cheng Hsin. A Trainer is anyone who has studied the Arts enough to have something of value to share with others, and form groups to empower everyone to learn, train, and improve. 

Some Trainers are much more advanced than others, but all have a commitment to improve their own skills, and to provide an opportunity for those in their area to do the same. If you are lucky enough to have a Trainer in your area, contact them and find out when you can join their group.

Best:  (4)

  1. Kevin Magee London, England  Senior Apprentice  Degree Four 
  2. Brendan Lea San Antonio, Texas  Senior Apprentice  Degree Four 

  3. Rob van Ham Nijmegen, Holland    Degree Three 

  4. Alan Roberts Auckland, New Zealand  Apprentice 1  Degree Three 

Good: (14)

  1. Luke Anderson Taos, New Mexico, USA  Apprentice 1  Degree Three  

  2. Stewart Breslin Pacifica, CA, USA    Degree Three  

  3. Jesse Passenier Nijmegen, Holland  Apprentice 1  Degree Three  

  4. Robin Hamilton Swansea, Wales, UK      Apprentice 1  Degree Three   

  5. Stephen Kent London, England  Apprentice 1  Degree Two  

  6. Mike Hart Swansea, Wales, UK    Degree One  

  7. Chris Carlson Minneapolis, USA    Degree Two 

  8. Klaus-Heinrich PetersHamburg, Germany        Degree Three  

  9. Andrew NolanSydney, Australia    Degree Two  

  10. Michael RenovichDevon, England, USA      Apprentice 1  Degree Three  

  11. Charles AdkinsSan Francisco, CA, USA    Degree Three  

  12. Drew MillerChicago, IL, USA    Degree Three 

  13. Bruno CointrelDordogne/Corrèze, France    Degree Two 

  14. William SimeCardiff, Wales, UK    Degree Two 

Very Helpful: (35)

  1. Wesley MillerMilwaukee, WI, USA    Degree Two 

  2. Chris HigginsLondon, England    Degree Two 

  3. Mike Cottrell-TribesWhitehorse, Yukon Territories, Canada    Degree One 

  4. Hal FioreDavis, CA, USA    Degree Three 

  5. Michael SchomakerSt. Louis, MO, USA  Apprentice 1  Degree Two 

  6. Quincy RobotHindhead (London area), UK    Degree One 

  7. Thomas Luther-MosebachGeissen, Germany    - 

  8. Gerry GalwayLetterkenny, Ireland    Degree One 

  9. Marc Appelmanssouthern France    Degree One 

  10. Christiane HeuzeBruxelles, Belgium    Degree One 

  11. Eugene MeijsNijmegen, Holland    Degree Two 

  12. Rick GrossCastleton, New York, USA    Degree One 

  13. Charlie ConklinKent, England, UK        Degree One 

  14. Roman TimplPrague, Czech Republic        - 

  15. Kirk EakesPenrose, North Carolina, USA    Kyu 4 

  16. Howard JeeBerkeley, California, USA    Degree Three 

  17. Ed MathewsErie, PA, USA        Degree Two 

  18. Frank LaMannaRochester, NY, USA        - 

  19. Rudy van CuykZupthen, Holland        Degree One 

  20. Bob DaufenbachPittsburg, PA, USA    - 

  21. John WagnerRochester, NY    Kyu 1 

  22. Robert KnottBuckingham, England    Kyu 5 

  23. Mike HawkeyCardiff, Wales    Kyu 2 

  24. Markus HerberholtKoln, Germany    Degree One 

  25. Raymond Van de MaeleBruxelles, Belgium    Degree One 

  26. Christina DesmondJeffersonville, NY    Degree One 

  27. Younis FakhfakhDublin, Ireland    Kyu One 

  28. Tommaso RossiArezzo, Italy    Degree One 

  29. Chris O'MaraGalesburg, IL, USA    Degree Two 

  30. Robert PalmerHouston, TX, USA    Degree Two 

  31. Joris van KaseterenWageningen, Holland    Degree One 

  32. Robert RuckEugene, Oregon       none 

  33. Elizabeth Saetia,   Mulhouse, France   

  34. Dan Lacey    Dublin, Ireland    Degree One 

  35. Andrew Outhwaite   Perth, Australia    Kyu Two 

Old School Teaching Alumni

  1. Peter RalstonPipe Creek, TX   Degree Seven/FounderFounder  Degree Seven 

  2. Jef EdwardsAlameda, CA   Degree Six/Level VLevel V  Degree Six 

  3. Clint BoernerSan Leandro, CA   Degree Four/Level IVLevel IV  Degree Four 

  4. Leslie FisherSan Leandro, CA   Degree Five/Level VLevel V  Degree Five 

  5. Joe CrandallEl Sobrante, CA   Degree Four/Level IIILevel III  Degree Four 

  6. John NietersAlameda, CA   Degree Three/Level VLevel V  Degree Three 

  7. Doug ChambersOakland, CA   Degree Three/Level IIILevel III  Degree Three 

  8. Hal FioreDavis, CA   Degree Three/Level IILevel II  Degree Three